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Regulatory Support & Guidance

Specializing in Food and Animal Import-Export-Labeling Regulations

Stuck in the maze of government policies, regulations and requirements? Trying to influence a change in regulatory requirements?

The framework all governments are based on is challenging to navigate. It can be even more challenging when dealing with regulatory personnel whose roles and responsibilities limit their ability to best-influence the decision-making process. If you want to influence regulatory change or manage a difficult relationship, I can help!

Executive Coaching Services

“What got you here won’t get you there.” ~ Marshall Goldsmith 

Looking to strengthen your executive leadership skills? Been asked to enhance skills or change up your leadership style?

Effective leadership is different from being good at the job that led to the role. Overlooking that is a common reason leaders fail.

Whether you are an executive looking to transform specific aspects of your leadership or an employer investing in a promising junior executive, I can help!

Conflict Resolution Services

Experiencing workplace conflict? Trapped in interpersonal conflict and need a resolution?

From entry level executives to Deputy Ministers, conflict occurs at every level. The resulting destruction leaves people isolated and stressed. I can help enhance your understanding of disciplinary policies and process. I can also facilitate challenging interactions.

My advice comes from my knowledge of Treasury Board human resources policies and processes. I work hard to understand your situation and build trust so we can develop the best strategy possible.

Team Cohesion and Inclusion Services

The Science Behind Influence and Communication

CoVid-19 revealed the importance of trusted leadership, team cohesion and inclusion. Organizations had to adapt to manage employees remotely. Leaders also had to focus their attention on the importance of internal and external (inter-cultural awareness).

Working together efficiently makes a team great. Success depends on the capacity of leaders to create trust, allowing for enhanced engagement, collaboration and organizational effectiveness. However, team and inclusion-focused discussions can be challenging. I am here to help build paths forward.

Change Management Services

Implementing small or complex change? Doing so under tight deadlines including multiple priority and resource pressures?

Navigating change is fundamental for successful leaders and organizations. Without the required skills, tools and focus, often change initiatives will not succeed. Implementing change can be challenging for many reasons. However, with the right strategies, it can be done – and done well! I know because I have successfully led large-scale system-wide change initiatives and am here to help you do the same.

Speaking Engagement Partners

Looking for a passionate, experienced and professional speaker? Want ( to) inspire audiences with an engaging talk that leads to action?

I am available for domestic and International speaking engagements where I share unique, specialized insights about my experience and business to positively influence organizations and leaders.

I also secure experts in a variety of other professions including epidemiology, media training, foreign worker and international ocean fisheries conservation. For a speaker who captures the audience at your next event, I can help!