Team Cohesion and Inclusion Services

As a senior executive, I formed many successful teams and guided them to deliver. Now, as a consultant who is also a visible minority, I am passionate about helping organizations and leaders create cohesive and inclusive teams. I am committed to sharing the tools and training I have related to how the brain processes information. This training will help you engage and influence the receptive part of the brain rather than the resistant part. It will also help create discussions and alignment around a mutually agreed on path forward.

Team Cohesion and Inclusion Services:

  • Assessment of root causes that contribute to team dysfunction
  • Tools to break the cycle of conflict
  • Tools to enhance communication, influence and engagement
  • Building trust and accountability rather than obedience
  • Conscious selection of inclusive teams and leadership
  • Development of a clear process to mitigate non-inclusive behavior
  • Establishment of a baseline matrix that supports team effectiveness and inclusion
  • and much more