Regulatory Support & Guidance

I have worked in both the private sector and senior executive level in the government. I am passionate about sharing my unique insight into regulated decision-making processes to help your business succeed.

As the first Executive Director for International Programs at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, I was directly involved in developing the new Safe Food for Canadians Regulations governing imports, exports, food labelling and organics. My unique experience, knowledge of the regulatory decision-making process and my international network are readily accessible.

Regulatory Services:

  • Interpreting and clarifying export requirements
  • Preventing and resolving point-of-entry violations
  • Effective development for corrective actions
  • Advancing food labeling issues
  • Supporting applications to relist establishments
  • Preparing for international audits
  • Developing preventive control plans interacting with domestic and
  • international regulatory officials
  • and much more